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You don't have to donate to be a member

You can participate in our ministry simply by taking the time to study your Bible with us.

Or take up the ministry by sharing Bible studies with those you care about.
You were sent to us for a reason.  You are precious, and so is every soul that only you can reach.  All of us in the Family of God want to see you, and those you love in His eternal kingdom.

Donations help with the cost of keeping our website up and running, having people available to enter all the content that we share, and to make these programs available to, even especially to, those who cannot afford to donate.  But we are not here for donations, we are here to get our Brothers and Sisters to open and read their Bibles.  The Holy Spirit promises to do the rest.  We only partner with Him as a divine and blessed opportunity. 

Please stay and fight the good fight with us.

When you can, and if you are lead to, please donate in the future.  Or, just keep finding people to offer our services to by sending us their email addresses.

We are honored to serve in the family as warriors of God.


Every blessing to you, your family, and everyone you come in contact with that is touched by the Holy Spirit and joins in the fight to save our families, country, world, and each of our own individual lives from the enemy and the destruction he has devised for each of us.

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