About joining 3 Angeles Message

Committed to the Gospel Commission

Our ministry was founded with one purpose - to spread hope in a world filled will violence, illness, and death.  We are recruiting mission-focused members to help us seek and save those that do not yet see themselves as part of the family of God.

We invite you to explore the opportunities we present to get involved and discover the resources, services, and community that 3 Angels Message Ministry provides to each and every member. Join us by clicking on the below topics that interest you, or get in touch with us today by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen to ask us about partnering with us, learn more about our member services, or ask any other questions.


Certificate Course!

Your Spiritual Gifts

Start HERE!  Once you become familiar with your Spiritual Gifts, how to develop them, and put them to use serving God's kingdom, it will open many doors for you.

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Love Never Fails

Couples Ministry

Putting 1 Corinthians 13 into practical action within relationships leading to marriage, marriage itself, or to heal the family unit for the children's sake.


Fulfilling the Gospel Commission

Prison Ministry

Life is a gift from God.  We, everyone who draws breath, was created to be God's children.  We seek to rescue every one unaware of their heritage.

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Caring for the Family of God

Senior Ministry

We adopt and sponsor seniors who are detached from family, could use additional visitation or would like to study their Bible but don't have anyone to study with.

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Even to the Least of These

Youth Ministry

Our sponsorship program is for youth in local school districts that could use a penpal, necessary food, or other gifts to remind them they are loved.