We are dedicated to growing the kingdom of the family of God one disciple at a time.  We do this by using the tools God has given us to reach people and by helping to grow local churches and support your local ministry!

Many people have yet to discover what a relationship with their Creator looks like. Some of us have found religion but not a real relationship experience.  Yet some of us feel a call to fulfill our commission given to us by Jesus to seek and save the lost but have no idea how to start.  We know because we love them, and we want to share what has brought us peace, joy, and hope, that we need to reach out to our family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. 


Maybe some of us have tried and failed. 


We use modern technology, scientific research, history, and logic to show the validity of our God the Father, our God the Son (The Word made flesh), and our God the Holy Spirit, which are ONE.  This is only reinforced in the countless prayers, teachings, and examples to make us all ONE under that divine umbrella, what we affectionately refer to as, "the family of God." (John 17:11, 21; Romans 15:6; & Ephesians 4:6)


3 Angels Message Ministry exists for one purpose, to share hope with a dying world, one precious individual, at a time.  We combat the enemy by offering spiritual manna in place of various secular influences found online.  People are hungry for truth.  They are looking for the way.  We are here to introduce them to life.  Each of us is called to be a repairer of the breach (Isaiah 58:12)

1.   We produce podcasts that we broadcast over 6 different outlets to find those

     seeking a relationship with their Creator and our precious Messiah.

     a. Daily Devotionals

     b. Audio coverage of blog and forum posts

     c. Weekly interviews showcasing a local church. (Coming soon)

2.  We provide Bibles and supportive literature for all interests and preferences:

     a. Written and digital versions of Bibles in various translations

     b. Non-denominational Bible studies.  We believe the Bible is the truth, the whole             truth, and nothing but the Truth.  Jesus is the Word made flesh and He is the                 Way, the Truth, and the Life.  We don't question Him or push our agenda, we                 only share what He says.  

     c. Our books are written by people who have a testimony about the power,                         validity, and dependability of the Holy Bible or who have unique experience in               teaching on topics within Scripture.

2.   When you are ready to find a local community, we can help to direct you to a local         group or congregation in your area for a more interconnected experience with the         family of God.

3.   We keep in touch, promoting ourselves and providing an opportunity for your local         group or organization to grow by sharing information within our blog, forum,                   podcasts, and across all of our social media platforms.

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