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Spiritual Gifts

Each person is enbued with spiritual gifts that strengthen their own characters and enrich the world arounmd them.  Many recognize these gifts when they are called out, but the gifts tend to go unused and unrealized until they are explored.  

Click on this image below to explore your unique spiritual gifts.  This will empower you to advance toward who you were created to become.

3 Angels Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Healing: Mind, Body, Spirit

Coming Soon



Are you ready to serve your community as a disciple of the Messiah?  There are endless ways the world can benefit from your talents and abilities.  But we are only able to support a few of those efforts from here in Colorado.  Click the image below to find out more.

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Bible Mastery

Find out for yourself what the Bible really teaches.  It is not chronologically written but in a few short weeks, you can become educated in the truth of what is really written in the ancient texts.


Relationship Counseling

Looking to strengthen a new relationship or heal one that is suffering?  We have resources to offer to help couples gain an outside perspective,  We offer solutions that you may not have considered, and guide empathetic exploration that allows the two of you to find common ground.


Cooking Classes

Coming Soon

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