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We are excited to share with you all the information that has touched and blessed our lives. 

We believe the Bible is the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.  Even if you are joining as a skeptic, you are very welcome here.

If you find a scripture you have never heard preached or read yourself, and it brings any type of revelation, comfort, or even confusion, please share your experience with us by clicking on the "community" button within your membership options and or going directly to our forum.
Even though we are a non-profit, and those who work here volunteer their time, it is still costly to purchase local, and local-language Bibles for those who cannot afford them or those who do not yet know the value of a Bible to purchase their own.  We also need to maintain records so that your donations are spent as they were intended, to spread the Gospel message to fill up our Father's kingdom! 
We are a relatively young ministry and have found that our outreach extends far beyond the United States of America.  Please prayerfully consider any donation you are able to contribute:
  • Time and technology are needed for writing, recording, editing, uploading, broadcasting, and delivering submissions, testimonials, prayer requests, podcasts, blogs, and creating effective digital educational content, not to mention getting involved in local community ministry and outreach (we are here to serve).
  • Our mission demands that we offer value in exchange for your donation.  Please consider taking one of our digital certificate courses such as the 3 Angels Spiritual Gifts Assessment course, or a Bible Study course.
Any amount is greatly appreciated and not required to be a member.
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