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To be a Disciple is to make Disciples

Would you like to study the ancient Holy Bible at your own pace, from the privacy of your home, or on the go?  We offer a wide range of Bible studies, videos, blog articles, and podcasts to access from any device.  All of our content, other than podcasts and videos, are downloadable and printable to be shared. 

 Maybe you feel His call to serve Him by serving HIs children (our brothers and sisters). The sooner we take up this commission, the sooner He can return.  He has promised to us upon His return a life restored to the image of God, with power, authority, immortality, and a community of family void of violence, crime, and greed.

At 3 Angels Message Ministry, our hearts have heard that call.  We offer multiple ministry options for people to get involved in their communities.  Sometimes we are called out of our comfort zones, and out of our element to serve in a new place or in a new way.  If this sounds like you, contact us!

Join Our Ministry

Building Homes

Being a Disciple

Learn directly from our blessed Messiah, His Holy Spirit, and our Holy Father.  Once we have learned who our Creator is and how much he loves each of us, then we can pass on what we have learned.

We have various Bible studies in our Practical Faith series to help you build a closer relationship with God.  We are each purposed with becoming who were created to be. 

Support Group Session

Making Disciples

Our ministry is digital so we can touch the lives of people all over the earth.  Our brothers and sisters cover every nation, tongue, tribe, and kindred.

If you would like to help us out, there are many opportunities to fulfill our commission to "go". 

Click the button to find out more.

Support Group Session
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