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3 Angels Women's Ministries

Womens Ministry

The Bible calls women the weaker sex. That doesn’t mean weaker in mind, body, endurance, or worth. It means more susceptible.


Timothy 2:14 states, “Adam was not deceived…” and yet we know that Eve was. Women are maternal, nurturing, and creative by nature. Women look for potential where men tend to focus on present tense situations. It is said men marry a woman for who she is, and women marry a man for who she sees him becoming. These feminine tendencies lend to curiosity and willingness to explore abstract possibilities that might benefit those they care for. Women were the final and crowning achievement of creation; they are the harbingers of progress.


Satan knew this about women, and he exploited this unique attribute of hers making it her weakness. Satan hates women for their fierceness and depth of emotion, appreciation of the tiniest details of creation, their talent for persuasion, multiplying our species, and especially birthing the Messiah. He is influencing an entire generation to believe there is no such thing as a woman, that female is an ethereal concept up for interpretation, to disempower the daughters of God even further.


Regardless of who you are, Satan continues to take our gifts and qualities that were intended to enrich our world and bless those around us, twist them, and use us as weapons against each other.

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