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I am your sister.  A fellow-servant of yours, to the author of Life.  Even those who do not willingly serve God will know before the end that not one moment of existence was experienced by any being apart from the gift of God.  He sees through our eyes, feels with our skin and our hearts, hears with our ears, smells with our nose, tastes with our tongues.  Everything we have experienced or caused others to experience, He has endured with us.  There is no hiding, but there is salvation in acceptance, transparency, and surrender.  Confess, repent, and be baptized so we can live, forever in paradise, as He originally created us be, brothers and sisters in the family of God.  Our original goal was to be fruitful and multiply, as He does.  We were created to be like Him.  There are no denominations or churches in heaven, or the earth made new.

The 3 Angels of Revelation 14

The 3 Angels website staff

After the beast of revelations starts to mark those who follow after him and the dragon, the Living God of Heaven begins to seal those who are His, it is the 3 Angels that call out for the people of earth to make their final decision.  They herald that the time has come.  Please click the button at the top of this screen, "The 3 Angels Message," or look it up in your own Bible for more information.

My name is Tamara Ruckdeschel, the host of the podcasts, and writer of our blogs.  I am waiting for others to heed the call and join me, but for now, I am the solitary voice in this virtual wilderness.  I was given a vision that I need to convert the tools given to the children of man to reach those who are lost.  Everyone's attention is on their smartphones.  It is my job to make available truth in an easily accessible digital format.  

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