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How to Interpret Scripture: The Origin & Nature of the Bible

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

The way we see and understand the origin and nature of scripture impacts the role that the Bible plays in our lives as individuals and corporately as believers. According to the apostle, Peter and many of the writers of scripture, the interpretation of the divinely revealed word of God is not a matter of our own opinions.

The Holy Spirit moved the writers to relay these books of information from God, and therefore without the Holy Spirit, it is impossible to grasp or retain the true meaning conveyed in the Scriptures. The only way to please God and be granted the communion with the Holy Spirit is through faith.

We are not able to study mathematics with the empirical methods employed in biology or sociology, nor can we study physics with the same tools used to study history. In the same way, we must approach studying Scripture from the perspective of faith in its divinity and holy inspiration. To gain the deep wisdom of the spiritual truths found within the pages a person cannot employ atheistic methods of methodological skepticism or doubt.

This quarter we are focusing on the Interpretation of the Ancient, Holy Scriptures.

This second podcast, and the attached Bible study guide that goes along with it, are focused on The Origin and Nature of the Bible. Click on either of the images, or the link below to get your free PDF for your own use, or to share in your Bible study group.

The podcast can be found here:

Below is a review, or a sneak peek into the topics we will be covering throughout this quarter, depending on when you are joining us:

  • L1: The Uniqueness of the Bible

  • L2: The Origin and Nature of the Bible

  • L3: Jesus and the Apostles' View of the Bible

  • L4: The Bible - The Authoritative Source of Our Theology

  • L5: By Scripture Alone - Sola Scripture

  • L6: Why Interpretation is Needed

  • L7: Language, Text, and Context

  • L8: Genesis Is Our Foundation - Part 1

  • L9: Genesis Is Our Foundation - Part 2

  • L10: The Bible as History

  • L11: The Bible and Prophecy

  • L12: Dealing with Difficult Passages

  • L13: Living by the Word of God

We hope you enjoy our podcasts and the accompanying Bible studies. If so, please like or follow us on social media and whatever pages you find our podcast on.

And as always, for more information, please join us online at

Have a blessed and prosperous day!

Tamara Ruckdeschel, Host

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