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Freedom to Do What is Right

A friend of mine who knows how passionate I am about religious freedom sent me the attached video. There is an unease, actual volatility of living in the world as it is today. We in the United States have historically been set apart from atrocities like ethnic cleansing, invasions, and enslavement ever since our one and only civil war that lasted 4 years, ending in 1865. Even in the United States today with unprecedented political divisions; Nazi-like indoctrination of our children in the public schools to hate their country, their Creator, and even their own parents; the frightening bias of mainstream and social media; along with the current regime seeming determined to destroy the very Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights, it is hard to sleep at night.

The video below is a call to action that, as Religious Liberty Leader in our local church, I felt a need to share. I pray you also feel the same and do share it with your sphere of influence. And when you and they are ready to take a stand, visit our network, the Jael Network to unite, as Yeshua (Jesus) prayed that we would.

The Jael Network was developed by Women's Ministries for Religious Liberty, so that every person, even (maybe especially) conservatives can have a voice.

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