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What Does the Bible Say About...

Let's face it, the Bible was not written or compiled chronologically. It was penned by numerous people across multiple nations, from different cultures, and everyone seems to have an opinion about what it says. But we are told that the Bible itself states that there is NO private interpretation and that the Bible will interpret itself. So how do find what you are looking for?

What ia a Concordance?

Many Bibles, especially study Bibles, have a concordance in the back. It is meant to be a quick reference for keyword searches. This is very handy if you want to look up the topic of children, or what we should or should not eat.

The ones in the back of Bibles are not able to contain every work written in the Bible. The Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, for example, is way larger than any Bible because it will list the same text over and over but under each keyword mentioned in that text.


There are great websites dedicated to being concordances. One of our favorites is

However, some of us are old-school

Some of the benefits of having a book(s) is that you can:

  1. Underline and highlight to keep track of subjects covered

  2. Available even when no power is available

  3. Easier to pass around a group than a desktop computer

  4. Easier to read than on a smart phone screen

  5. No popups to distract you

  6. It is silent

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