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Lesson 11: Living the Advent Hope

Jesus announced the kingdom of God as a present reality we can be part of today, but that His kingdom was "not of this world" (John 18:36).

We call on God to intervene, trusting that the world is not presently ordered in the way God created it or desires it. And by taking up the cry of the prophets and oppressed, "How Long, O Lord?" (Psalms 94:3-7) we also groan in our persecution and tribulations for God to intervene on our behalf.

Yes, our world is a fallen, broken, and tragic place, but He will bring an end to injustice, pain, and sorrow, replacing the current disorder with His glorious and righteous kingdom. Without that hope, without that promise, we really have no hope at all.

Witnessing the resurrected Jesus transformed the first disciples, We each that love GOd with all our hearts have a conversion experience that frees us from the power and fear of death to live and share courageously in the name of Jesus. We know the last enemy to be done away with is death.

The hope of judgement comes down to what one believes about the core nature of God, life, and the world in which we live. Not to mention what side we happen to be on in that particular judgment. For those who have been marginalized, brutalized, oppressed, and exploited, the promise of judgment is surely good news.

The world is still going to get worse and worse, despite our best efforts. Jesus knows that, and told us ahead of time. Yet, this truth didn't stop Him from ministering to others, and it shouldn't stop us either.

Our God will not allow evil to continue forever. The Bible's great hope is the return of Jesus to bring an end to evil, to heal injustice, and create a new world as it was meant to be. Built on the resurrection of Jesus, this hope transforms today and gives courage to our service for god and others as we wait for His return.

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