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Now You Can Study With Us Anywhere!

If you have not visited our podcast page for our daily devotional podcast, what are you waiting for? It is a free subscription that covers a new general topic every three months. Every week is an more in depth look into one of the subtopics within the quarter, and each daily lesson averages only about 7 minutes.

Podcasts available from iTunes, Libsyn, and more.

Regardless of what audio subscription you have, chances are you can find us there. If not, we would appreciate a shout-out so we can correct any oversight!

The best thing about podcasts...

You can listen while driving, running, cleaning the house, to kick off a small group bible study or your morning worship. We publish our podcasts at 3 am so they are available for the masses who rise early. It is of general consensus that if you are awake before 3am, you probably have other pressing issues. Bit even so, podcasts are portable! We have also come to realize that nothing is more important than building our knowledge of and relationship with God.

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