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Passover 2020 - Do not fear COVID-19, serve the God of Creation, the God of the Living!

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

We pray your house is covered by the blood of the "Lamb of God" in this season of pandemic concern so that it may pass over your house without entering.

In the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, we have been moved to reach out to our community. If you listen to our podcasts, subscribe to any of our Bible studies via email, post to our forum, or follow us o social media, know that God has not abandoned His people.

Attached you will find a Biblical compilation of texts that address fear. It is extensive, filling nearly 18 full pages. But I know that you will find comfort and revelation within the pages. Click on either image within this post or the link below to access your Free PDF.

For more information on the Continuity of the Feast Days Examined, with a focus on Passover since it is today, we have supplied an in-depth 3-part blog series over the past three days.

Please feel free to contact us or sign up for Bible studies to be sent to your inbox.

Peace, grace, and health to you and your family in this time of secular uncertainty.

Tamara Ruckdesche, Managing Director

3 Angels Message Ministry

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