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The Least of These... Lesson 10 Questions

Living the Gospel

Even our works of mercy and compassion toward those in need should not be legalistic. On the contrary, as we grow in our understanding and appreciation of salvation, the link between God's love and His concern for the poor and oppressed will be passed on to us, the recipients of His love. This is discipleship.

God loves all people, everywhere. Creation and the Bible consistently point to the world around us as evidence of God's goodness. Even life itself is a gift from God, and regardless of the individual's response or attitude to God, every person is a recipient of that gift.

It is important to believe, and remember, that God does not make mistakes. This will develop true and complete faith and the type of trust that Adam and Eve chose to abandon in the garden. We cover this week how faith is a choice we all must make and it is in our decision for or against faith that we judge ourselves.

Confessing our sinfulness is a first step in addressing the evil in the world, as well as allowing the love of God to take its rightful place in our hearts. While we still battle with temptation to self-centeredness and greed, the self-sacrificing and humble grace of God offers a new kind of life and love that will transform our lives. We must respond to the love that has been shown to us by Yeshua (Jesus) by showing love to others.

Rather than arguing about who we are obligated to serve, just go and serve. Then, perhaps, be prepared to be served by those we might not expect to serve us. The saving love of God calls us to oneness in Him.

The appeal for judgment has been a repeated call of those who have been oppressed throughout history. God's most desired form of worship has always been acts of kindness and care for the poor and needy. Creation is the common family of humanity, that we are all created in His image and loved by Him, we all have value in His sight and no one should be exploited or oppressed for the unjust gain and greed of another.

Remember that God claims the entire Earth as His vineyard. Though it's been in the hands of the usurper, it still belongs to God. By redemption no less than by creation, it is His, along with every living creature in it!

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