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The Least of These... Lesson 3 Quesions

Some of us like to take the content, questions, or topics we study and really apply them to our lives. Others like to use what they are learning to research further or meditate on the information to develop a deeper understanding. Yet there are also those of us that like to uphold the spirit of discipleship and teach others what they are learning. Therefore, I have compiled a list of the questions found in each lesson. The one for the Quarterly entitled: The Least of These..., under lesson 3, is attached to the images in this blog as a PDF that can be filled out as a web form, or printed out to be worked on in small groups. This is especially good if you are witnessing to or studying with a group that is new to topics such as the Sabbath, the Biblical explanation of the state of the dead, or any other topic that can be considered sensitive, controversial, or doctrinal.

It is for you to print, fill out, reflect on, and apply to your life and the lives of those you minister to. Therefore you are welcome to share, as we are called to, with whomever God gives you as a divine appointment to do so. We would also love it if you were to visit our forum to leave any feedback you have concerning these webforms, our podcasts or any of the services we provide.

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