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The Least of These... Lesson 6 Questions

I am a bit behind the 8 ball this week. Maybe an excuse I could use is that it is my birthday week, but I am not one for excuses. I missed an amazing camp meeting this week because I agreed to greet at church this weekend and fill in as the adult teacher, but being the teacher, and spending time alone this weekend, brought me so much more.

As a finite human it is hard to know what we are missing out on if we are not present. Even prophets only know what God wants them to know, and that can be a very narrow scope of things. But as any of you know that have read my book, I believe if we draw breath, we are all called to hear the voice of God and to walk with Him. Therefore, wherever we are and whatever circumstances happen to be, we are exactly where we are meant to, or needed to be. God does not make mistakes, and nothing escapes His notice!

I am blessed that the insight that He gives me is so useful to my clients, friends, and people I encounter throughout my life. I have seem amazing things! Miracles, convictions that lead to real life transformations, and inexplicable blessings just to name a few. You my friend were guided here to walk closer to our Creator also, and to witness some of, and even greater, miracles.

You are so much more than you know. You are so much more than anyone but God knows. Listen closely and He will reveal all things. He is the revealer of secrets.

Let us open our minds and hearts to what the one, true, and only God has to say in His Holy Scriptures through his prophets, obey, and continue the conversation with Him on an intimate level. It is why we were created. But remember, when a word from heaven is revealed to you, in prayerful research, hold the word up to the Scriptures. God does not change (Numbers 23:19, and Psalm 55:19), so if it conflicts with the ancient writings it means another spirit is trying to deceive you (Isaiah 8:20). And there are many (Revelation 12:9) fallen spirits set about to deceive us, abel to appear as angels of light from Heaven (2 Corinthians 11:4)

I hope each of you are getting as much out of these lessons as I am.

To help you take a bit of them home, and digest the information further, I have attached the list of the questions found in each lesson to these blog posts. The one for the Quarterly entitled: The Least of These..., under lesson 6, is attached to the images in this blog as a PDF to be printed out and worked on in small groups of just for your reflection. This is especially good if you are witnessing to or studying with a group that is new to topics such as the Sabbath, the Biblical explanation of the state of the dead, or any other topic that can be considered sensitive, controversial, or doctrinal. It is for you to print, fill out, reflect on, and apply to your life and the lives of those you minister to. Therefore you are welcome to share, as we are called to, with whomever God gives you as a divine appointment to do so. We would also love it if you were to visit our forum to leave any feedback you have concerning these webforms, our podcasts or any of the services we provide.

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