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L2 From Jerusalem to Babylon

The Bible does not shy away from showing the weaknesses of fallen humanity. At first glance Daniel begins with a somber note of defeat. And as we shall see later, what God did for the Hebrew captives He will do for His people in the end time, regardless of the various attacks on us and our faith.

The captives in Daniel had their names changed, they are tempted and distracted by the beauty and wealth of the world around them and offered fame and comfort. We too are told that at the end of sin we will be given a new name, one that correctly reflects the person we were created to become. We are currently in captivity, but one day we will be set free!

Daniel covers what it is to have a firm resolution, to be unblemished and wise, and how best to meet the challenge and exceed expectations when faced with a final exam. Let's explore this lesson study together.

Please click on the image below to print or download your copy of Lesson 2 Questions.

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