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Lesson 1: From Reading to Understanding

This first lesson, and this entire quarter, center around Daniel, the Profit of the End. Each week we give an overview of the lesson topic, key texts, and themes for Bible study, prayer, and devotion. Please click on the image below to print out the questions for your personal use or to share with your Bible study group.

Please click on any image in this blog post to access your FREE copy of the Bible study PDF we have created for you.

Commentary is open for you and/or your group to complete. It is to aid in your accumulation of knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, retention and application of the information received. This is scriptural and non-denominational for your own edification. We believe the Bible is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and we present it as such.

Please prayerfully consider life application when going through these questions, getting involved in discussion with your family, friends, or within our blog or forum. Our ultimate goal is to help manifest within the character of our readers a people ready to receive our Messiah and herald God's eternal kingdom here on Earth.

Those of us who love Him seek a world without violence or evil. We look forward to a world where we can be empty vessels, wide-eyed and open to receiving the wisdom and experiences as the creatures we were intended to be from the Genesis of the Earth, Upon receipt of the inheritance spoken of in Torah, by the Prophets, in the writings, the Gospel, the letters, and Revelation, as children of God, with refined character we will gain dominion and power to create and love with a capacity unknown to us in our current state.

We look forward to connecting with you online, in the future, and in our Father's kingdom!

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