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The Least of These... Lesson 9 Questions

I have just spent a couple weeks with my grandchildren over 2,000 miles away. Family is very important, but what is more important is the family of God. However, it is now Tuesday and so I am a couple days behind in writing this blog. It is so easy to get our priorities out of sync. That is one topic that this week covers, so it is fitting this be mentioned here.

I did get to visit my "home church" in Pennsylvania and it was a tremendous blessing as it usually is. We covered an old quarterly from 1991 during our mid-week Bible study and prayer group. It was inspiring and has prompted me to dig out old quarterly booklets and maybe incorporate them into our daily podcasts to go along with these questions.

Click on either image in this blog to download your copy of the question sheet for Lesson 9, for your personal use, or to share with others in your ministry as a disciple of Jesus (Yeshua).

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